About Us

Hi! We're Kelsey and Joe, founders and operators of Ground Up Wellness Homestead- a 2-acre homestead in Galt, California. We started our homestead in July 2016 based on the decision that we wanted to eat healthier foods and felt in order to do that, we had to take control of how our food was grown. It is important to us that our animals have the freedom to roam, be treated humanely and have the opportunity to live a stress free life. Healthy animals equals healthy food and a regenerative system that helps the environment, not destroy it like the standard industrial methods.

Here at Ground Up Wellness, we encourage others to take control of what you eat. Get to know your food and your farmer to ensure what you are eating is grown naturally and locally. Our doors are open to our friends to come see for yourself the chickens that lay your eggs or the pastured chicken you are going to put on the table for your family to eat. Food is at it's freshest when bought directly from the farm. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to meeting you.